Help us spread the word about New Hampshire’s largest day of giving by becoming a Community Partner for NH Gives. 

Since the New Hampshire Center for Nonprofits launched NH Gives in 2016, the event has raised more than $12 million from thousands of donors to support hundreds of nonprofits across New Hampshire. 

Each year we strive to reach more nonprofits and more donors to build off the previous year's success and make the coming year of NH Gives bigger and better. Since we know that we can't possibly reach everyone we want to on our own, we rely on our community partners to help us distribute information via their own networks.

NH's nonprofits are there for our communities every single day. NH Gives is 24 hours where we can all be there for those nonprofits. Please help us spread the word about New Hampshire’s largest day of giving by becoming a Community Partner for NH Gives this year. 

Benefits of Being a Community Partner:

  • Align your brand with New Hampshire’s premier giving event for the state’s nonprofits
  • Leverage your network to help raise critical funds for the nonprofit organizations that help make our communities better for all of us
  • Create a culture of giving in your organization by helping to promote charitable giving and service

Expectations of Community Partners:

At a minimum we ask that our Community Partners send five communications to your constituents about NH Gives leading up to June 6 (see the Community Partners Toolkit for templates). These communications can be email, tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram posts or other social media shares.

Here are some other ways you can help out:

  • Include NH Gives in your newsletter, on social media, or on your website leading up to June 6
  • Sponsorship of prizes (cash or in-kind) that can be given away to nonprofits during the 24-hours of giving (contact Keryn Kriegl at to talk about sponsorship opportunities)

Become a Community Partner Today:

Please note: Being a community partner is not appropriate for nonprofits who are participating in NH Gives unless:

  • Your organization's mailing list includes a large number of other nonprofits AND
  • You will be promoting the day broadly versus promoting your own participation in the day.

If you are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit interested in being a community partner, please reach out via email prior to filling out the form.

Contact Keryn Kriegl at or complete this quick form

Community Partner Toolkit:

Review our Community Partner Toolkit, which provides you all the materials and guidance you need to be a Community Partner.